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Sales Representative- Partner for Team Building buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

We are looking for a partner to manage and build a team. When brought on board, you will be given all the training needed to build a successful team.
-Comprehensive sales training
-Tight-knit team atmosphere and constant support & development
-Unlimited commissions (avg. first year earnings for entry-level = $70,000-90,000 +bonuses)
-Residual renewal commissions (get paid for life on every sale you make)
-Cash bonuses+
-Stock bonus awards (immediately vested)
-Growth and advancement opportunities based on work ethic and performance
We are looking for that special type of person who's got fire in their belly, pep in their step, and works like they have something to prove. We look a person who has heart and ambition and can take their job seriously without taking themselves too seriously. Family Heritage is one big family and we strive to find unique people who are ready to start their careers. We love people who know who they are and what they want. If you can keep your head up, put your nose down and be all around motivated, we are looking for you. It doesn't matter what you look like or where you come from, we are ready to bring you into the family! We have people that range from 18 years old to 70! Its never too late to start your career!
Our agency is top 5 in the country for sales growth, and we're hiring for the type of person who can learn how to do what we do, and help us continue to grow at a record-setting pace.
We train each person based on their needs. And for those that already have the qualities that we're looking for, we plan to invest in you long term. This business is not lead based, IE, you WONT EVER have to buy or pay for leads.
You will have to get licensed as a state sales agent but that money goes right to the state, not our company.

About Family Heritage:
We offer money-back supplemental insurance plans to families and businesses in the metro area. Our plans are specialized to protect our customers from the financial devastation of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, hospitalization, and accidental injuries. And aside from the large monetary benefits, we are 100% refundable, unlike most other insurances. Itd be like geico calling you up in 10 years and saying "Hey, youve been with us for a long time and youve had some fender benders but youve paid us way more than weve paid you, so heres all your money back." Cant get any better than that.
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